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Campaign 4 Artists 2 Quit The 9-5

The Haven For Underground Artists, to this point has only been an incubated concept. Researching the needs of the creative community was the foundation of MOUSAi; completed by beta testing programs, events, workshops, and the curation of a small warehouse suite called Union Arts.The time has come for actualization, and the vision is founded by artists, for artists. Find out how to make this vision happen today by the campaign link below.


A New Stage 4
Underground Artists & Their Fans

Our outreach is global. With a media platform capable of High Quality live streaming, our virtual community will be able to tune into live shows with local and world renowned artists, and classes ranging from app design to instrumental education straight to their phone, computer or smart tv. With the addition of a social platform, artists will be able to network for new clients or fans, set up their own streaming shows or classes, and gain a supportive community for their artistic journey

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New Type of Facility:
A Gym For Artists

Our base of operation is Washington, DC. and with the partnership of 90 core artists, and several development and creative companies, we are building a true Gym for Artists. The facility will be built for high production live streaming and recording. State of the Art Equipment will ensure the productions of live shows and classes will be leading the industry in quality.

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A New Style
Of Creative Business

Think Uber for artists! Only difference is that as we are owned by artists, we provide more resources and potential revenue for our members. Each Core member of MOUSAi will gain equity from the productions created on our platforms. Creative consumers who are interested in seeing artists perform or teach, a direct link to them is only an app load away. Imagine being able to chat with a teacher from your phone at any time or arrange for your favorite painter to original work with you, all from inside the comfort of your home! This breaks the divide between the community and the arts, giving a way to bring the creative world together.

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Building A Global
Creative Community

We don't just wanna change the game for underground artists in the DMV, we want to change the global artistic community. As we grow we want to privide the creatives from around the world a platform for content creation, support, and showcasing. Imagine! being able to log on and teach a class or showcase your show! for a audience that could be as big as the earth itself.

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